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I used one of Bill’s strikers to bag this Kentucky long beard.  I have used the striker with several different calls and it works like a charm.

Casey Goodman – Hickory, Kentucky

Crowell Custom Calls work awesome with these Sonora mule deer. Everyone loves them my friend.

Clay Young – Mexico Outfitters Unlimited

The Crowell Custom Call did ’em in! Soft clucks and purrs brought them in on a string!

Norm Wade – New Mexico

Me and a friend of mine were lucky enough to get to go on a turkey hunt in South Texas the last couple of days. We saw your slate calls in Los Cazadores in Pearsall, TX. They let us try one and it sounded amazing. I’m more of a mouth call guy but we just had to get one each after trying them. We had an amazing hunt Saturday morning. The picture below was accomplished with 3 shots between us. I killed 3 long beards with 2 shots. My friend Hunter Bennett got 2 in one shot. 2 ole Louisiana boys that will definitely be using your calls over here. Thanks. Trey McIntosh.

Trey McIntosh – Pearsall Texas

Hunting ducks with custom duck calls by Bill Crowell! Great calls with great results!

Larry Frankum – Cape Girardeau, Missouri

I have purchased several custom turkey, duck and crow calls from Bill. The calls sound great and the service is great as well. I gave one of Bills business card holders to my father-in-law and he loves it.

Jeffrey Davis – Tomball, Texas

I received one of Bill’s pot calls as a present. I used it to harvest a Mississippi turkey with a 10 ½ “ beard, one spur was nearly 1 ½”, other was 1 ¼ “. I didn’t weigh the him but I’d estimate 18 lbs.

I’ll be in touch if I need to order some calls….thanks.

Leigh Bailey – Mississippi

Outstanding job!  Can’t wait to give them their field trials come spring.
Thank you again for your passion in making these calls.